This has been long brewing in my mind and today I decided to pen down my journey from being a full time Product Manager for several years with MNC’s and corporates to starting my journey as independent Product Management Coach/Mentor building digital products for businesses online.

Who is a Product Manager? This question has always been a topic of debate right from the existence of this role to what each organization sought for in that role. Many blogs has been published and still being written highlighting the need of this role and responsibilities thereof. The most basic analogy you hear parroted all the time is “the PM is the CEO of the product”owning the overall success or failure of the product s/he is building. To break this down into actionable my journey as a product manager entailed owning the product vision and strategy, ideation, prototyping, managing the design and development of the product. Finally driving the marketing and adoption of the product built and defining and chasing the KPIs essentially linked to revenue generation as the main parameter of success for the product you build online.

Armed with this experience I decided to forge into entrepreneurial journey of being my own boss and started independent consulting practice. My vision was to work with startups and SME’s who had vision to build digital product but not enough expertise to execute. However soon I realised that it was a humongous effort required on my part to make them understand the need and value that Product Manager is bringing in the early success to their online business. Second challenge was money which was always an issue with SME’s and because of that most companies wait too long to get Product Management skill sets in place. Ultimately I’m often called in after a major chunk of money has been drained into building a shoddy product mostly outsourced to a tech partner who is juggling with multiple clients and has no vision or long term strategy for client’s product as a result often delivering half baked product.

Building an online product requires skills including but not limited to: understanding your market and what problem you’re solving, differentiating yourself, validating that customers are willing to use/pay for your solution, ruthlessly prioritizing features, and balancing a long-term vision with short-term development.

Product Management leaders with coaching skills are able to direct and guide others in a very positive way. Instead of adopting a subordinate/senior approach, Product Coaching involves the manager taking on the role of a guide, helping individuals on their team reach their own goals and achieve success. Rather than simply delegating instructions and expecting people to execute them, managers with coaching competencies know how to empower people, cultivate a culture of learning and help people to consistently enhance their skills.

If you are one of those startup/SME/MNC’s looking to build a world class product with great user experience (UX) and short of expertise then look no further to hire a Product Coach/Mentor. ProductStudioz is an extended Product Team for startups and enterprises. As a founder of your startup we believe that your most precious resource is time — do not waste your time doing work that can be done by the best in the field. We help you execute the product vision, management, and customer development so that you can focus on the important things.

Our expertise comes from working with businesses who are flexible, agile, innovative and who want their users to have a great experience.

So, get a cup of coffee, and tell us what is your vision– and let us make your product brilliant.

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